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Recent Research

Most studies and articles on Morita Therapy are written in Japanese, not translated to English, however, I have selected a few useful reports for you written in English as a starting point. Please feel free to ask me if you want to know more!

Personalising psychotherapies for depression using a novel mixed methods approach: an example from Morita therapy

Published in Jan, 2020. Research trying to find out predicators of outcomes and suitability of a psychotherapy for each individual, using Morita Therapy as an exemplar.

Morita Therapy for depression (Morita Trial): a pilot randomised controlled trial
BMJ Open 2018 Aug 10;8(8):e021605.

Published in 2018.  It is the first quantitative study done in Europe on Morita Therapy.

Morita therapy for depression in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Meta-analysis research published in 2018.

Preparatory Investigation Toward Developing a Pilot Study of the Effects of Outpatient Morita Therapy. Seishin Ryoho 46(6); 817-827, 2020 (in Japanese).

Published in Dec, 2020.  This is a partial report of continuing treatment outcome research on Outpatient Morita Therapy.

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