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Individual counseling

Integrative approach including CBT and mindfulness.


Morita Therapy

A therapy method born in Japan with a history of 100+ years.




Yuko Hori, M.Ed., MSW

Valvira-licensed psychologist (00908996614)

I have over 20 years of clinical experiences in medical, educational and private settings.  I enjoy working with culturally diverse populations and have learned & used a variety of therapeutic methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Mindfulness and Morita Therapy.

Individual counseling

What I can help with
- Low motivation/Burnout
- Imposter syndrome
- Immigration-related difficulty/Stress
- Anxiety
- Feeling down/Depression

I take a holistic view on your presenting problems and construct an integrative and tailored-made approach for you based on scientific research and my clinical experiences.  No matter what therapeutic method we would use, the most crucial is a good working relationship between you and the therapist.  The first session will be a good opportunity for both to see if we could be a good match for the work and if you would like to work with me.  I appreciate honesty and I would welcome and encourage any concerns to be discussed openly in our sessions.  Discussing any concerns honestly and openly, will enable you to make the best use of, and gain most benefit from your counselling sessions.

Morita Therapy

What I can help with

- Anxiety Disorders

     - Social Anxiety Disorder

     - Panic Disorder with/without Agoraphobia

     - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

- Depression in which personality traits are to be considered as a prolonging


Morita Therapy is a form of therapy which works for people with certain personality traits. These include perfectionism and timidness. It was originated by a Japanese psychiatrist, Shoma Morita. Morita Therapy has an abundant influence of Eastern philosophy including Zen. It appeals to natural healing power that every human being has, and helps people to accept their anxiety and fears as part of their natural feelings as well as to utilize their characteristics and potentials in more constructive and desire-actualizing ways in their daily living. I have worked at the Center for Morita Therapy in Tokyo and have been a certified Morita Therapist since 2016.


The therapy process

A journey to feel happier and more at one with yourself

The initial phase (one to a few sessions):  During this time, the client speaks about what is bringing them to therapy and what they want from it.  At the end of this phase, I would explain what could be done within the therapeutic work together and share the plan.  When the therapist and the client both agree to the plan, they move on to the working phase.  It is important for both to see if they are a good match to work on the presented issues during this phase.

The working phase:  The presenting issues are discussed and we start working towards the goals.  Progress is checked regularly during this phase and goals can be modified or added to.  Once a client reaches their goals or a satisfactory level of progress is made they will move on to a monitoring phase.

The monitoring phase:  During this phase, the frequency of visits becomes less regular. Therapy ends when the client's progress is stable.

(Disclaimer: It does not apply to all the cases)


Individual Counselling/Morita Therapy

110€ (50 minutes)

If you would like to learn more about the services before booking a session,         feel free to send an inquiry to book a free 15-minute phone call with me.


There is an out of hours surcharge for all sessions starting at or after 4pm of 10€.  For reschedulling or cancellation, 48-hour notification policy is applied.




Thanks for sending an inquiry!

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